1.600 Chairs and Board members from 70+ countries have shared their views with us and today we are proudly presenting our report from the Global Board Survey 2020 – The Purposeful Board.

This year, we have seen a remarkable shift in boards’ focus towards much more sustainable business models.

„Megatrends have been in our focus in every Global Board Survey we have done in the past 6 years, and every year until now, we have seen the same number one trend: Disruptive/exponential technologies in general. But this year is different and marks a true turning point with 55% of respondents pointing to Climate change as the most important megatrend, followed by Exponential technologies with 51%” says Jakob Stengel, survey creator and Head of the global Board practices at InterSearch Worldwide.

Such a trend is confirmed also by the top spot of anticipated board trends for the coming three years. New as number one – with a significant margin (55%) – is Increased sustainability/purpose focus, while previous’ years’ top scorer, Digitalization, is down to number two with only 38%, clearly showing it has already become part of our everyday practice.

In the findings, besides megatrends and board trends, we have also looked at time spend and remuneration, at boards’ composition and diversity, their inner dynamics, external and internal challenges, and so much more relating to Board effectiveness, dynamics and performance, Board recruitment, education, evaluations.

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