On November 24, by RECC (China) recruitment alliance sponsored, “The 2020 China headhunting industry awards ‘evolution’ – Shanghai” had a successful ending. As a leader in the headhunting industry, ZWHR Consulting has been actively delivering positive brand affection in the past year, leading and driving more brands forward with years of accumulation. After winning the Best Employer Brand Award of RECC in 2017 and 2018, ZWHR Consulting won the Most Influential Agency Award again.

RECC is the international recruitment of Chinese institutions of the alliance, jointly sponsored by dozens of domestic and international recruitment leader. Every year, several industry recruitment summits and the authoritative “the RI awards” award ceremony are held.

The conference has discussed how to survive and develop better to realize the evolution of hunting industry or the organization facing upcoming year of 2020. Many excellent headhunting industry-leading enterprises attended the conference, speakers elaborated on the interpretation and prediction of the future situation with their in-depth analysis of various industries and own experience.

At the same time, Joyce Jing, General Manager of ZWHR consulting, was also awarded “Outstanding Female Headhunting Leader in 2019”.

We are proud to be part of InterSearch, ZWHR Consulting will be committed to the vision and aspirations for the recruitment industry and harmonize the power of Art and Science to continue leading the recruitment industry in Asia.


Written for intersearch.org.